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An old robot named H-34-RT wakes up in a derelict space station orbiting his home planet. His civilization was destroyed long ago by evil O'Xelg, but he has yet to figure that out. After an initial shock, he decides to follow his old defense routines: that means fighting the invaders, even if he is alone now.

Lazy Galaxy: Rebel Story is a challenging, squad-based shoot-em-up/bullet hell roguelite. Fly through tons of bullets, defeat various enemies and engage challenging bosses, all this to help a lonely robot complete his mission.

Full Game Features:

  • Start out alone, but rescue allies as you progress
  • Change you fleet formation to avoid bullets and focus fire
  • Use your ally special abilities to boost your firepower or heal yourself
  • 2 Player Local-Co Op Support
  • Your allies do not level up by killing enemies. Rather they get stronger once they get to know you and each other better
  • Fly through eight different levels, encountering various enemies and fighting your way to the O'Xelg communication base

Demo / Preview Version Features:

  • Two allies that will join and support you
  • Two playable ships
  • Two levels
  • 2 Player Local-Co Op Support

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars
(19 total ratings)
AuthorColdwild Games
Tags2D, Bullet Hell, Local Co-Op, Pixel Art, Shoot 'Em Up
MultiplayerLocal multiplayer
Player countSingleplayer


Buy Now$4.99 USD or more

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Version 1
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Version 1
lazy-galaxy-rebel-story-linux-x64.zip 150 MB

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No idea how I missed this game first time round. Really enjoyed the demo, so it looks like I'm going to be laying $4.99 down for this :)

this game was fun thanks for making it

Thanks for playing :)

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Linux user here, I'm having trouble running the game. Well, it runs, and I get sound, but the video is just a flashing screen that varies in colour from gray to green to blue and back again.  

When I run it using the terminal, it says it's unable to preload ScreenSelector.so and libsteam_api.so, so maybe it's got something to do with those.  Both are in the Plugins folder, so they're present just apparently not preloading.

Hey! Sorry about this. Theoretically the .so files should not be the issue, can you try running the game with -force-glcore -force-glcore42 flags?
What's your hardware config?

It's okay, these things come up. I tried the flags but they don't seem to have any effect. Sounds work, music works, and it chooses the correct monitor. But it still gives me a slowly flashing screen that shifts through what I expect is the dominant colour of the opening. No error messages other than that it can't preload those two files.

As for hardware, I'm running a 64-bit Intel i7-8700  with 16GB memory and a GeForce GTX 1060 6GB. If it helps, I'm running Ubuntu-MATE 20.04.

Yeah, that hardware config should be certainly enough.
Sorry about the problem. If you feel like exploring this further, can you see if there is Player.log file in the following folder:


You can also try changing -force-glcore42 to -force-glcore32 or -force-glcore44.

Sorry again and thanks for letting me know.

There is a Player.log file. It seems like it tries to load data-0x5251630.so  a few times and fails because that isn't in the Mono/x86_64 folder, and then tries a large number of times to load libudev.so, which fails for the same reason.

Got it. I've tested it on Ubuntu 18 before releasing it and it seemed to have been working. Super sorry about this, but I'm afraid I can't really debug it right now because I don't have the relevant ubuntu machine available. 

Reuploaded the linux build, maybe this helps

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Hey guys! 

The game was intended to be given away as DRM-free version without steam key, but there was an issue with itch.io settings. 

Contact https://itch.io/support if you think there's an issue with your purchase

Sorry for the inconvenience.


Hi, I can't find the Steam key as well after a $10 purchase. I've emailed itch support as well. Thanks!


Hey, I am in the same situation. I cannot find the Steam Key on the page.


Purchased the 'GDC Relief Bundle' and unfortunately there doesn't appear to be any Steam key included for this as indicated. o.0


Had fun with the demo. I like the graphics, the story is cute & the controls are so much better when disabling that 'movement start slowly'option. :) Good luck with the launch! 


Hey! Thanks for checking the game out. Duly noted: I'll disable the acceleration by default, thanks for the feedback!

I think it makes the movement a lot smoother and it gives you a better chance of dodging those alien tentalasers. :)