Frequent Flyer is a tribute to old-school shoot-em-up games with a modern twist.

You control your plane and try to survive oncoming enemy waves for as long as possible. You collect health, ammo pickups and weapon bonuses to survive longer. As time goes, new threats appear. Right now we have 10 different planes and about 10 enemies planned.

Controls: WASD/Arrows to fly, Shift to dive, Space/Control to shoot.


  • Fly 10 different unlockable planes, each with its own distinct features.
  • different enemies, each one has its own movement / shooting pattern
  • More than 10 weapon bonuses, unlockable as you progress further
  • Full Controller Support

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v 1.1.2 is here!

- new enemy: toxic plane, drags a cloud of toxins behind, slowing player by 10%/second
- new enemy: follow plane (flies in front of you and fires bullets)
- new enemy: booster rocket: speeds up, then slows down, then turns towards the player, then the cycle repeats. Happy dodging!
- adding 6 new missions
- spread3 cannon bullet damage reduced to 1 (down from 2)
- seeker plane changes: 2 lives, becomes invulnerable for 0.6 seconds after being hit
- changed spawns in infinite / organized / timed attack modes: new enemy types can spawn instead of the old enemy types. Replacements: scout -> toxic plane, seeker plane -> zeppelin, flying bomb -> booster rocket, minelayer -> following plane
- shooting enemies will delay their shots if enemy hits them (if you shoot at an enemy - he won't shoot back)
- fixed bug when flying bombs kept exploding after respawn
- fixed a bug when settings would not get saved after exiting the application

V 1.1.1 is here!

- Fixed jittering in touch follow / joystick mode
- Five new missions
- Bonuses are going to spawn closer to you (and mostly in your way)
- Guaranteed to drop health bonus for every 1000 score now
- New enemy plane: seeker, follows the player around

V1.1.0 changes:

- mission mode! Complete tasks & earn stars, gradually getting into the game.
- mode selection screen rework: less annoying popups
- bugfix: reseting controls after the game (sometimes plane turned/started shooting by itself after game restart)
- time bonus: new sound
- time bonus: animation on pickup